Breathtaking Waikiki Beach

So we’re at the beginning of another season at Gwin’s Lodge ( In addition to putting out fires that inevitably erupt at the start of each season despite everything that we do and plan, we get precious opportunities to sneak away to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that Kenai Peninsula has to offer. One location is what the locals dubbed as the “Waikiki Beach.”

Off Snug Harbor Road is a semi-hidden opening and passageway to the shores of Kenai Lake. It’s unpaved and some big ruts have developed. Navigating carefully in a truck, we made it onto the beach. The view was spectacular.

Nearby, two women sat around a campfire with two dogs. It looked like they were preparing to spend the night. What an amazing place to spend a night under the stars!

We took plenty of pictures and proceeded to Cooper Lake and Rainbow Lake down the road. But when we came back on the return trip, I insisted that we stop by Waikiki Beach again, as the sun is now much lower on the horizon. I was expecting some more decent shots. And I was right!

The mountains and water were painted with an entirely different palette. These photos do not do the beauty justice! I consider this spot a must-see on the Kenai Peninsula!



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